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4th May 2020/Product News

Monitor Audio Launch their new Cinergy Speakers.

The Big Picture are registered, qualified installers for Monitor Audio.

Get in touch with us for details on how we can bring Cinergy to your home.

Monitor Audio have been doing extraordinary things with sound for over 50 years.

As the experts in making audio human, they’re perfectly placed to bring your favourites movie’s sounds to life.

Their brand new Cinergy system delivers a dedicated cinema experience that’s as real, immersive and natural as it’s possible to imagine.

In Cinergy, Monitor have brought everything they’ve learned about audio to the big screen. From MPD High-Frequency Transducers to RDTII drivers, every element plays a part in the epic performance of Cinergy speakers. And even before you hear it, you’ll see a distinctive mark of quality: the THX certified stamp, promising the highest standards of cinematic excellence.

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