Media Rooms

If you don’t have space for a dedicated home cinema, but love the movie experience, a media room may be the answer.

In terms of vision, concealed projectors can offer cinema-standard, crystal-clear clarity. In terms of sound, speakers and subwoofers, concealed behind acoustic fabrics, offer awesome quality and superior sonic performance. You may want to go one step further and instal ATMOS or rear sound effect speaker channels.

Add Control4 and your lounge or living space can become a cinema-quality media room in less than a minute; a remote effortlessly controls blinds and curtains, mood lighting, projectors, and screens.

A new media room will deliver the incredible production values now offer from Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime. Today’s Oscar and Emmy-winning TV shows and movies offer incredible sound and effects design, music, cinematography, and lighting.

If you’re a gamer, you won’t believe how much more immersive the Playstation and Xbox experience can be in a dedicated media room.

TV Lounges

This case study shows how a lounge and media room can interchange very quickly.

The custom-built, solid walnut AV cabinetry hides the AV kit and two large sub-woofers.

Stretched fabric across the wall provides a seamless TV installation with no gap behind and conceals three large, high-quality speakers.

The ceiling hides fours speakers and acoustic treatments too.

Curtains are automated and there is also a discrete projector and dual-format drop-down screen. A matching sideboard and control system, coupled with sophisticated lighting, finish this understated room beautifully.

See our case studies for a behind-the-scenes look and to see the projector system deployed.

media room case study 2

Case Study

Echoing a mid-20th Century Danish look, our custom-built teak floating cabinet houses all the AV equipment.

The stretched fabric hides the bulk of the TV and bracket, along with three speakers and acoustics treatments.

There are eight more discrete speakers around the room and a near-invisible in-wall subwoofer.

There is no obvious sign of tech in this small but classy front lounge.

The Control4 System makes this technology accessible for all the family.

See how this TV lounge looked previously on our before and after page here. 

Case Study

Wall-to-wall cabinetry has acres of storage to hide away the kids’ toys (as well as the AV kit) plus shelving for books and Objet D’art.

Around the TV, stretch velvet adds an opulent look, hiding acoustics speakers and sub-woofers.

Amongst the hidden kit is an Anthem AVR, SkyQ UHD TV, Apple 4K TV and network equipment.

A Control4 system makes hand-held operation child’s play.

The pelmet allows the addition of a projector screen should the owners wish to upgrade when the kids are older.

See before and after shots here.

media room case study 3

Case Study

This client had an unsightly TV hung on the wall, a room full of boxes stuffed with DVDs and Blu-ray discs, cables in ugly plastic trunking, a record player, vinyl, and AV on show.

Our cabinet design hides all of that away.

A slide-out shelf houses a record turntable.

One door is for the vinyl collection. Drawers are specifically sized to house hundreds of Blu-ray discs. Family photos are now proudly displayed on the shelving.

Wisdom P2i in-wall speakers are hidden behind the stretched fabric, along with two on-wall subwoofers.

Discrete ceiling speakers at the back of the room mean surround sound can be enjoyed.

An awesome sound system, all the better for being completely invisible. See before and after shots here.

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