The Big Picture Way

To us, installing a home cinema is more than simply sinking some cables, mounting speakers and a projector, then plugging in an AV kit.

The Big Picture takes a more holistic approach.

We believe that a room is more than the sum of its parts; how the room makes us feel is often as important as the movies we watch.

The right décor, room finishing, lighting, ease-of-use, seating and acoustics (engineered around scientific principles for the best audio and visual performance) all contribute to a great movie night.

Every sightline and room idiosyncrasy needs to be considered when delivering the best possible experience for the entire audience.

Design and Consultancy Service

For individuals wishing to do their own build, The Big Picture offers a design-only service – an expert view on how to achieve excellent performance in every space.

We can work in partnership with architects, interior designers, and builders, showing them how to build a room, orientate or first-fix electrics, as well as specifying cable and power requirements.

Once the room is built, we can also advise, supply, and install the right equipment at any budget.

design & consultancy services
design & installation cinema service

Design and Installation service

We look at every room with fresh eyes and always create unique designs – no two rooms are the same.

We produce drawings, bass management maps, sound/video performance data and suggest the best equipment for any budget.

We can offer a turnkey solution and are equally happy being responsible for every aspect of your build or any part of it.

Our input will consist of some or all of these elements: plans, room-reshaping, brickwork and building, timber works, first-fix electrics, soundproofing, boarding, acoustical application, AV equipment installation, rack-building, networking, control and programming as well as specifications on light fittings, flooring, sofas or cinema recliners.

Acoustics and Stretched Fabrics

Acoustic treatment, often overlooked, is incredibly important to how any room sounds and feels.

Sound bounces off ceilings, floors and walls, meaning you may hear the same information repeated, muffling what you should otherwise hear clearly.

An echoey room can soon become uncomfortable, you’ll quickly find yourself turning the sound down to prevent listener fatigue.

The Big Picture recommends acoustic treatment as standard and is regularly invited to retrofit it into problematic spaces.

Acoustic solutions can be either visible or hidden behind stretched fabrics, offering your cinema room a rich, opulent feel.

See our gallery and case studies for more.

acoustics & fabrics
home cinema lighting


Lighting will make or break any room and at least two circuits of independently controlled light are always advised where possible and practical.

We can advise on control methods and light fitting choices.

For example, our LED ribbon-effect lighting, of any colour or intensity, can be programmed seamlessly with pre-set automated ‘light scenes’ which you can recall from the comfort of your seat.


Although designed at the start of each project, the final physical piece of the home-cinema jigsaw is usually seating.

Some clients opt for the more casual and arguably social, choice of sofas.

We have access to sofa models and manufacturers including some that have pop-out foot and head rests. You may already have seats you wish to use, which can almost always be incorporated too.

We think that cinema recliners can’t be beaten for comfort and long-term body health.

Our recommended manufacturers range from the more affordable Frontrow and Infinity to the high-quality products from the likes of CinematechCineak, and Fortress.

home cinema seating

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