Project Type:

TV Lounge






£10,001 – £25,000

Daventry TV Lounge

This is a small lounge based cinema system utilising the clients own TV and M&K in wall S-150-THX speakers.

We added 3 way 8” speaker in the wall and ceiling too for 7.1.2 ATMOS. As much as one can practically squeeze in to such a relatively small space. We have pre-wired for projector and hidden screen to go fully immersive in a year or two as a second phase.

Daventry TV Lounge

Stretch Velvet screen wall hiding the speakers and acoustical treatments within

Bespoke cabinetry design and commissioned by TBP to house AV kit. The clients are big fans of mid-20th Century Danish furniture so this was designed around that style taking cues from some other items in the house.

Daventry TV Lounge

The TV was very carefully installed to hide it’s bulk from sight and as such the TV actually looks like it is just one centimetre thick.

Any colour or intensity hidden LED ribbon lighting.

Daventry TV Lounge (before)

Solid cavity Walls were excavated to house four surround speaker and the clients own subwoofer which we built a discrete custom cabinet for.

We brought hardwired ethernet into the room for optimum internet speeds and reliability. Control4 control system for simple operation of all the kit.

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