What can I say about the Cinema Room Design and Installation that The Big Pictured (TBP) provided for me, well quite simply it has completely revolutionised the way in which I access and view media.

When I first met Ciaran from TBP I provided him with a simple remit to provide a sleek and uncluttered media room which catered for all my family’s needs.

After our first meeting Ciaran provided examples, suggestions and specifications based upon my remit and also recommendations to maximise the performance of the room.

During the build the design was tailored to tweaked to ensure maximum performance and value.

On the installation Ciaran and his team quickly assembled the components and installed the AV equipment in the Media Cabinet equipment racks and as the room took shape it was clear that the remit had been surpassed and the finished product was way beyond the vision I had at the start of the project.

The media room was indeed sleek and uncluttered as required but the design of the media cabinet was exceptional with the built in AMP, speakers, server, SKY, Blu Ray, Gaming Consoles and Sub Woofers all hidden behind cabinet doors. When the doors were opened the impact was amazing the standard of the install was exceptional, each item of equipment independently mounted within the racking providing a professional and aesthetically pleasing look.

At last the time came for the walkthrough of the finished product, as Ciaran demonstrated the ease of multifunction handset I gradually became aware that watching films and gaming would never be the same again. The performance both visually and Audio simply took my breath away, I simply couldn’t believe the amazing experience happening all around me.

Blu Ray – Just like being at the Multiplex without the queues or overpriced sweets, I now have no desire to go to the local cinema I wait for the Blu Ray release and know with confidence that I will get a far better experience from my own media room whenever I want.

Gaming – The pleasure in playing video games on the system is multiplied many times and whether I am gaming alone, with my daughter on the Nintendo Wii or with  my son on the Playstation 3 the pleasure is magnified by the performance of the media room.

Sky – Watching the big sporting occasions on HD is such an improvement you feel like you’re at the game

Server – Being able to store my entire CD collection, access and stream it through a separate audio channel when gaming gives me the ideal combination and lets me select a soundtrack to suit.

In conclusion the room is a relaxing place where all my family can relax and unwind; I still can’t help myself from smiling when I enter the room in anticipation of the sensory delights that await.

This installation has without a shadow of doubt enhanced our lives and transformed our viewing experiences.