When I decided to do a major refurbishment and extension of my home it had always been on my wish list to have a multi room audio system so that music from different sources could be listened to simultaneously in different rooms.

I also wanted to install a home cinema system, Lutron custom lighting system, hard-wired computer network and have a TV/satellite distribution system installed at the same time. The question was how to get this done.

I naturally went to the internet and working blind through a Google search came across The Big Picture. I made contact and explained what I was trying to achieve and was immediately impressed with Ciaran’s knowledge of the market and suggestions of what I could do. Naturally I was a little nervous due to the way I found the Big Picture on the internet but after speaking to a couple of customers who had dealt with Ciaran previously this nervousness immediately disappeared.

The Big Picture use top quality audio equipment so the hardware cost is not insignificant but I think Ciaran is very competitive with his labour charges. Attention to detail, forward planning and the quality of workmanship is really superb. Every time I listen to music or watch a movie on the home cinema system it makes me smile because the sound quality is so good.

My project was a big undertaking but everything I requested was handled with ease by Ciaran and his staff especially as I could be considered, by my own admission, quite a demanding client! I will gladly speak to anyone personally to give more details about my installation and would be happy if a prospective client would like to view my system if required.

This installation has without a shadow of doubt enhanced our lives and transformed our viewing experiences.