Luxuries do not come cheap. Fact. So when you decide to have your own dedicated home cinema, certain principles are crucial: room design, acoustic preparation, equipment specification, installation, calibration, commissioning, and post-installation service and advice. The Big Picture delivers all of the above with the addition of an essential ingredient and the genuine secret of their success…. -an uncompromising passion for achieving the best audiovisual experience possible within the limits you set.

When we decided to re-decorate and improve our house rather than move, our interior designer suggested that we transform our “junk-storing” double garage, into a lounge or home cinema…. as he had done the same recently. When we saw his dazzling example, we were totally convinced about the idea and he kindly put us in touch with Ciaran from The Big Picture. Although I was aware of a few installation companies who could lay cables, hide speakers in ceilings and fit plasma televisions to walls, I hadn’t come across a dedicated custom design AND installation team. And it was to our pleasant surprise that Ciaran took a genuine interest in how we lived as a family, what we hoped to achieve, what building and financial limitations we had and most importantly, he provided essential advice on which factors would influence the overall performance. It was refreshing to learn that something amazing could be achieved by making certain room improvements, without having to spend a fortune on expensive technology.

Ciaran is a visionary artist with an adept knowledge of audio-visual science – so his room designs combine the natural laws of physics and what looks amazing and feels comfortable. Equally, his recommendations of audiovisual equipment are based on field testing and experience and he will ensure that you choose the best performing equipment within your budget. Luke is the technical genius and will be able to solve any audio-visual and connectivity puzzles which arise during and after the installation.

The design was realised by our trusted builder and the garage was transformed into an amazing entertainment centre. It is the gasps of friends and family upon entering the room and the wide gazes and grins of delight during a demonstration which is testament to the project’s success.

So if you want to fulfil your dream and wish to spend your money rather than frivolously waste it… then do not compromise – use an expert team that doesn’t compromise either.