I wanted to document my thanks for your work on our cinema room.

As you know the room was previously a TV/cinema/sitting room and was mainly used for watching the TV – despite its equipment it was hardly used for a more cinematic experience. When we decided to make the change I met with two companies and it was clear from the start that you and the big picture team had the vision to make the room special. You listened to my ideas and budget and then made a series of suggestions which dramatically improved the scheme but kept within the main budget constraints.

Over the course of the build you have improved on the initial ideas, kept a very high focus on detail and quality and most importantly innovated. The innovative approach to sound, the changes to the walls including the different fabrics and the use of different media sources has been first rate.

What we ended up with is a room that has impressed many visitors, is used as a cinema regularly by our family, provides truly stunning images and generates a great auditory experience for people in the room – movies, sport, games and even regular TV are transformed.

The quality of your work stands out and I can only be grateful I made the choice I did at the start.