Technological advances have enabled us to control many things within our homes with the click of a button. Our aim is now to be able to control everything in your home with the click of one button on one device. Home automation enables you to control everything from your entertainment systems to your heating to your lighting and even to your security system from one device. We can install a wall panel or touch screen smart device, which will control all of the above processes within your home on a routine schedule or to suit your individual procedure and requirements.


A lighting control system will enable you to turn all the lights inside and outside of your home, on or off or even alter the brightness from one device. We can install sophisticated dimming controls to allow for mood lighting or bulbs that are able to change colour to suit the situation. You can furnish with any lights shade, spotlight or feature to suit your home so the system is guaranteed to suit your style. This system will increase the level of sophistication and elegance within your home and is sure to impress any guests. Lighting is vital for invoking your desired mood whether it is to relax or to entertain guests and it can also be used to enhance features within your home.


If you have a home cinema room, adding home lighting control adds another depth to the entire experience. Once you are settled with your feet up and your popcorn in your lap you can simply adjust the lighting from your seat while you sit back and relax. These systems are designed to make your life easier with the luxury of not having to run up and down stairs and from room to room to check every light is turned off. This is also useful in the mornings when you may be in a rush because you are late for work or getting the children ready as it reduces your stress levels.


Having lighting control whilst you are away from your home also adds the benefit of extra security precautions. We offer CCTV systems and gated driveway entrances to keep your home safe. In addition to this the lighting alone can give the impression that you are home by mimicking human activity and turning different lights on and off throughout the day or evening to keep people away from your home. You can define this routine or use our system based on typical movements.


Such a system can also reduce your bills as they are considered to be energy efficient. You can turn all your lights off with ease so none get left on accidentally and can time it so that all the lights turn themselves off in the day when everyone is out according to a timer. This will inevitably save you money and help you do your bit for the environment.


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