If you are looking for a home cinema solution without the hassle of unappealing wires, difficult self installations and speakers that stick out and clutter up your rooms then The Big Picture have the perfect product for you. We supply wireless home cinema systems with cutting edge technology and design.

We have designed and installed our home cinema systems alongside technology developers, architects, interior designers etc. to provide cutting edge technology with immaculate design and the highest audio and visual quality.

We design our systems to look clutter free and aesthetically stunning without the abundance of messy, tangled wires that usually drop down beneath a plasma screen TV, we have special units so you can tidy away both the wires and even the screens and speakers when they are not being used. We can also build your speakers into the wall so they take up no surface space and give a clean, modern, simplistic feel to your cinema room.

If you decide upon a wireless home cinema system you are able to control all your devices from a smartphone or tablet, synced up to your existing home Wi-Fi. This means that once you are seated you can make the screen appear from a hidden location, adjust the volume, choose your film or programme, adjust your home cinema lighting, even turn your fire on and close the blinds if you branch out to our home automation system. This is perfect to create a relaxing environment after a stressful day or for family members who may struggle with mobility. This cutting edge technology puts you ahead of the rest and will entice family and friends to spend more quality time together in the designated home cinema room.

If you decide you want more than one room incorporated in the system then we can install speakers and screens in a room that can be moved without the untangling of wires and can be transported or we can install speakers and screens in multiple rooms so you can watch the same or different things throughout the house. Being able to move the system makes it easy when different people are in the house or you want to watch TV in different rooms with large or small groups of people and this also reduces the costs of buying screens and speakers for every room. You can move your speakers if you have a garden party to the back of the house or to a bedroom for a cosy movie night or to the lounge for a family film night. Creating your perfect film night is so easy and hassle free, making the evening relaxing and easy so you can really unwind.

If you would like more information about our home cinemas then please get in touch by calling us on 01922623000 or emailing us at info@getthebigpicture.co.uk and we will get back to you and arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and a quote.