Since 2004, The Big Picture has been providing superior home automation design and installation to thousands of happy customers across Oxfordshire and the rest of the UK. We’ve worked closely with private home owners, architects and large organisations alike, providing bespoke automation systems, revolutionary audiovisual solutions, innovative lighting control systems and much, much more.

Experts in Home Automation Design

It’s easier than you think to overhaul your home and transform the way you enjoy your space. Go green and revolutionise the way you experience your space with quality home automation solutions, from advanced lighting control systems to highly secure security and access control solutions. We’re industry leaders when it comes to designing state of the art home automation systems, with access to some of the best equipment suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring clients get premium products and services, every time. We’re also experts in installation, ensuring you get all the support you need throughout an entire project life cycle, from initial inception to final realisation.

Premium Audiovisual Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing more choice than ever when it comes to innovative audiovisual solutions. From multi-room audio and video solutions, through to top-notch home entertainment systems, we’ve got the expertise to transform your multimedia dreams into reality. Go wireless and ensure every room has access to your media library, or transform an unloved space into a home theatre with all the premium extras that’ll ensure your screening room stands toe to toe with the multiplex. We can advise the best audiovisual equipment around, with designs that’ll seamlessly integrate with your space, along with unique lighting solutions to add ambiance, and quality seating and furnishings to bring the whole space together.


Lighting Control System Installation

An automated lighting control system is a great choice for contemporary homes and workplaces. Not only is it a greener choice, helping you minimise waste and save on fuel bills, it provides you with remote access to your lighting systems throughout your entire premise. Do away with countless switches and timers and get total control in the palm of your hand. You’ll be able to access every bulb from a single touchscreen keyboard, or access lighting remotely from a mobile device. An incredibly easy and affordable extra security measure, lighting control helps give the illusion of an occupied building, discouraging unwanted attention from opportunistic thieves.

Superior CCTV and Access Control

Once you’ve overhauled your interiors, you’ll want to make sure your abode is well protected. At The Big Picture, we offer plenty of choice when it comes to superior security systems. We can design and install a bespoke CCTV solution that’ll cover all your exterior spaces, as well as provide interior security so you can keep an eye on certain rooms and spaces within the home. You’ll be able to access camera feeds from wherever you are in the home via a single device, or access feeds remotely from your mobile when you’re away out and about. Perfect if you’re after total peace of mind and intend to be away from home for longer stretches.
Ready to invest in quality home automation and cutting-edge technology? Get in touch with our friendly team today to talk about your individual requirement and start planning your project today.