It’s easier than ever to transform your home into something specials thanks to The Big Picture. Bring every room of your home bang up to date with the latest in home entertainment, automated lighting and security technology. We offer a comprehensive set of services for customers across Gloucestershire and beyond, helping transform every home into the pinnacle of contemporary living. Our team has plenty of experience, with unrivalled expertise in everything from custom design and installation, to ongoing maintenance and upgrades of the smart technology and services you eventually settle on.

Upgraded Entertainment with Home Cinema Design

A trip to the cinema can be an expensive affair nowadays. Save on the expense and ditch the heaving crowds of the multiplex with your very own home cinema system. We’re experts in bespoke home cinema design, with a portfolio bursting with innovative solutions that’ll easily accommodate any space. Keep it simple with integrated screens and speakers for when you’re short on space, or go all out and transform unloved spaces into dedicated viewing rooms. Opt for projector systems or stunning 3D screens, with dynamic surround sound and mood lighting to boot. Want to give your home cinema the final polish? We can also provide you with premium cinema seating that trounces those uncomfortable pull-down seats you’ll find at the local multiplex.

Audio and Video Solutions for the Modern Home

No matter how big or sprawling your space, every building can benefit from our innovative multi-room audio and video solutions. We’ve got plenty of options available if you’re looking to consolidate your multimedia, giving you seamless access to your favourite playlists, movies and TV shows from wherever you are in the home. Our systems aren’t just ideal for saving space, they’re incredibly convenient. Halfway through a movie and want to continue viewing in bed? Simply pause what you’re watching in one room, and pick up the action from the very same frame in another.


Lighting Control Systems

One sure-fire way of making a statement is a bespoke lighting system. Tailored lighting designs can dramatically enhance your interiors and exteriors alike, whether you’re looking for a little mood lighting for the bedroom or den, or want to illuminate the outside of your home and gardens so you can enjoy your space day or night. Our lighting systems can be adapted to your space and individual requirements, with fully automated solutions so you can do away with timers and switches. You’ll be able to adjust lighting levels and individual fixtures from anywhere. Opt for a single keypad in the home so you can knock out lights upstairs while you’re settling in on the sofa, or handle things remotely via your mobile when you’ve forgotten to switch off lamps and want to save on the energy bills.

Tighten Up Your Home Security

Worried about home security? Put your mind at rest and invest in a state of the art security system. The Big Picture has plenty of expertise in cutting edge security technology and CCTV systems, ensuring every square foot of your home or business premise is well protected around the clock. Choose a superior surveillance system to monitor your home and grounds 24/7, with remote access viewing so you can keep an eye on what’s going from any room of your home, or via a synced mobile device when you’re off on your travels or at the office.


Get in touch with the team at The Big Picture today to see how we can help you overhaul your home or business premises. Drop us an email or give us a call to arrange an initial consultation, then we’ll arrange for one of our team to present you with all the exciting options available to you.