Add bags of value to your home and revolutionise your living space with automated technology from the experts. At The Big Picture, we’re committed to rethinking the way people utilise their home and business premises, with state of the art technology and innovative systems that’ll dramatically enhance your everyday life. Whether you’re after a plush home theatre, automated lighting or an iron tight security system to protect your premises, you’ll find everything you need and more with us. We’ve been providing bespoke designs and professional installation of automated technology for customers across Chester, throughout the North East and beyond for years.

Enhanced Home Entertainment

It’s never been easier to upgrade your home entertainment system. Here at The Big Picture, we offer an extensive range of solutions that’ll overhaul the way you enjoy your favourite media at home. From multi-room visual and audio solutions, to sophisticated home theatre systems, we bring our unrivalled expertise in planning and installation, along with a superior network of suppliers. Browse our portfolio of previous projects for some inspiration, or speak to the team for a consultation on the best available solutions and products for you.


Bright Ideas for Every Space

Automated lighting doesn’t just make life easier for anyone, it can dramatically slash your energy consumption and nip excess charges in the bud. Take control of every light in your home from a single keypad, saving you the hassle of having to dart about the building to ensure all those switches are off and timers are set. If you’re after even more flexibility, sync your system to your preferred mobile device so you can adjust lighting from wherever you are. Ideal if you’re prone to leaving too many lights on before heading out the front door, or want to give the illusion of an occupied house when you’re away from home for longer spells.

Scale Up Your Security

If you’re concerned about security, make sure you’ve taken all the measures you need to ensure your home, office or business premises is well protected. We’ve a range of options available for every type of client. Looking to tighten up security around the home? Choose cutting edge CCTV systems that’ll keep your interiors and exteriors alike monitored at all times. Remote access and monitoring ensures you can always stay tuned in to the goings on at home, however long you’re away for. If you’re after total peace of mind, why not consider keypad access and electronic locks for your front gates and doors.

Bespoke Design and Installation

No matter whether it’s a small flat or sprawling mansion, every space can benefit from the perks of automated technology. Find out what all the fuss is about and speak to the team at The Big Picture today to see how we can help you overhaul your space and start experiencing contemporary living yourself. Drop us an email or call us directly to arrange a consultation and get the ball rolling. Our team are on hand every step of the way, from the planning stages, through to the installation of your chosen products and beyond.