Home lighting control systems are the perfect choice for when you’re out to impress. Achieve tailored lighting levels throughout your home, with dynamic arrangements and lighting styles, all the while ensuring your energy efficiency is best in class. Forget countless switches and timers, with an integrated lighting control system, you’ll be able to control every light source via just one device. Got a busy schedule? Automation allows you to program your system to deliver optimum illumination throughout your day, seamlessly adjusting lighting levels throughout the day to match up perfectly to your requirements. An essential addition to any modern home, this is one piece of smart technology your space can’t be without.


Innovative Lighting Control Solutions for the Entire Home

We make it incredibly easy to achieve optimum levels of illumination in every room. Not only will a tailored lighting control system make it easier to control lights in every room, it’ll sync up every single lighting solution throughout your property to allow complete control from a single device or keypad. From bedside lamps to porchlights, garden lanterns to chandeliers, it’s incredibly easy to integrate all your lighting into one interconnected system. Particularly useful for larger homes or houses with many rooms, a home lighting control system lets you adjust each and every bulb with minimal fuss, either from a dedicated keypad, or through a straightforward app on your preferred smart device such as the Control4 System.


Complete Control at the Touch of a Button

As smart home technology becomes the norm, it’s easier than ever to automate your lighting to accommodate your schedule, personal preferences and energy requirements. Lighting automation lets you take control of every bulb, inside and out, meaning you’ve no need to dash between rooms to ensure lights are turned off before leaving your home, helping save on those energy bills if you’ve ever forgotten to flick a switch. What’s more, if you’re away from home for long stretches, you’ve the added convenience of being able to monitor your premises from wherever you are in the world, adjusting lighting to leave your home looking lived in and occupied, deterring burglars with innovative automation that’ll turn lights on and off throughout the day. A lighting control system makes full automation incredibly simple, whether you’re looking to achieve optimum ambience with sophisticated dimming controls and atmospheric lighting, or simply want the added convenience of not having to leave your seat to adjust lighting once you’ve made yourself comfortable in front of the television.


Tailored Lighting That’s Bound to Impress


If you enjoy hosting guests and visitors, a lighting control system is a great way of impressing. Lighting automation not only gives you complete control at your fingertips, it makes it incredibly easy to create bespoke lighting solutions for different spaces. Need dynamic dimming capabilities for your home theatre? No problem. Want some magnificent mood lighting for dining rooms and receptions? Our system has you covered. It’s incredibly simple to install tailored lighting in any room of your home, which you can coordinate with dynamic colour schemes and lighting styles for the perfect fit to your existing interiors and decors.