The Big Picture provides an innovative, inspiring glance into the homes of the future. We pride ourselves on being frontrunners in the field of audiovisual design and home automation.

The service that we offer includes a design stage with our incredibly talented design team who collaborate with architects, interior designers, technology developers and you, the homeowner. We then provide first fix cabling, termination, a trial period, almost always followed by installation, programming of your system and commissioning.

We specialise in home cinemas, including visuals and audio, HDTV, lighting control throughout the house, CCTV, outside controlled gates, PC and NAS building, computer networks and telephones and all linked by home automation.

Home automation may seem like a thing of the future but at The Big Picture we are working to get automation systems into homes in the United Kingdom, in the present day. Smart home installation is the automatic, electronic control of devices and appliances within ones home via a smart device. It enables you to control your lights, heating systems, gates, blinds, television, computers, speakers, fires, sprinklers etc. all by the push of a button (or the tap of a touch screen.)

We can install panels and touch screens around your house or you can simply control the extensive system through a smart phone or tablet. You are able to control many devices throughout your house whether you are at home or away from home.

This system makes things so easy, that when it finally gets to relaxation time, you can sit back and control your lighting, television and audio systems from your seat. Having a home control system sets you up for the ideal movie night in your luxurious home cinema.

Not only does having a smart automation system make things convenient and saves you time, it also makes your home safer. Being able to control your appliances from outside the house means that there is no chance of you leaving the straighteners or the iron on after you have left for work. It also enables you to keep an eye on your CCTV cameras if you take a holiday, or work away from home often. The smart system can also mimic human activity when you are away by turning on lights and opening and closing blinds etc. even when you are abroad, which increases the safety of the house. You can control who enters your property, if your system incorporates electric gates and automated door locks, when you are in or out of the house. This reduces your daily stress and induces a peace of mind when you are at work, on holiday or away from home for longer periods of time.

Installing a home control system also provides long-term economical benefits. You can save energy within your home by reducing the temperature when you are out of the house and you can turn the heating on from your smart device when you leave work so the house is warm for when you get home. It also prevents you and your family leaving lights and appliances on as you can switch them off when you have left without having to run from room to room to check when you are running late for work. You will see a reduction in your utility bills and you consequently do your part to look after the environment by only using the resources you need while you are at home.